July 9, 2021

Is The Firing Necessary?

By c0unting22

Termination, especially in a small business, can unravel an organization. Naturally, many of your employee will wonder, are we next? Additionally, termination involves the law, which is open to interpretation. If the employee pursues action to object to the termination, your documentation, even if it’s comprehensive, may not be adequate to prevent a verdict for unjust termination.

There is also the matter of your unemployment insurance costs. Unemployment authorities may determine, even if there is documentation, that there was no cause for firing. That will increase what you pay for unemployment insurance. Also, you might have to hire a replacement. The Society for Human Resource Management calculates it takes 42 days to fill a position, at the cost of $4,129, with an additional $1,286 for training.

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However, all that may be irrelevant. You might have already unsuccessfully used informal conversations, write-ups, including the progressive discipline process, and performance appraisals to attempt to change the employee’s conduct. Further, some activities, such as sexual harassment, embezzlement and selling drugs in the workplace demand firing.

Key takeaway: Firing can be costly in many ways. Before jumping straight to termination, make sure you have thought through the ramifications.