August 25, 2021

Doing business in a post-pandemic world

By c0unting22

In just a few months, large parts of the world have been dramatically disrupted by the Covid-19 pandemic and the societal restrictions implemented to limit its spread. While the disease is still raging and the tragic loss of lives continues, cases are slowing down significantly or even stopping entirely in many countries.

However, the risk of renewed outbreaks looms large as social distancing measures are gradually eased – and this uncertainty is likely to remain until a vaccine is widely available.

The direct economic effects of the restrictions implemented so far, from self-isolating to travel bans, and the indirect effects from continued uncertainty have had a dramatic impact on businesses and individuals across the globe. As businesses are forced to close and people lose their jobs the negative spiral continues, and a severe recession is already a reality.

Trik lain adalah bermain sabar dan telaten. Karena tidak ada satupun yang bisa memberikan jawaban pasti mengenai hasil akhir permainan. Oleh karena itu permainan ini sangat erat dengan faktor keberuntungan. Namun Anda bisa mencoba untuk membuka peluang dengan bermain secara sabar. Sebab keuntungan dari permainan tidak bisa didapatkan langsung dari satu dua kali percobaan.

At Business Sweden we are working with both Swedish companies and international investors to address the challenges they face around the world and to reduce the negative impacts in whatever way possible. Most companies have started to look beyond the short-term immediate response and are now addressing the medium-term issues.


How can you ensure preparedness and position your company for when markets return to some form of normalcy? Which actions should be taken, when and how? How have partners, clients and suppliers been affected by the turmoil?

Coming out of a crisis in the best way possible requires that you place strategic bets early on and are willing to transform your operations and value proposition. There is no easy way of adapting to the post-crisis world – but the rewards of changing your approach can be huge.

Most business leaders know this all too well from previous experiences. Regardless of the shape of the recovery, given the scale of the impact of this crisis the “new normal” is likely to unveil a business landscape that, to a large extent at least, is radically different from the pre-crisis reality.


To further explore the long-term horizon, Business Sweden presents a series of whitepapers and webinars that take a deep dive into the post-pandemic business landscape.

We will unpack the key issues that business leaders are likely to face as they look to grow internationally – examining all aspects that need careful consideration as companies rethink their strategies, business models and offerings for the future.